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On My Radar: Ted Florea

On My Radar: Ted Florea


November 9, 2015

PNYC's chief strategy officer gives a lesson in literature as he lifts the lid on his creative radar.

What’s the best ad campaign you’ve seen recently?

I prefer to think of “communication campaigns” rather than "ad campaigns” because of our old image of “ads” as discrete, bite-sized message delivery systems. Ads today should transcend easy-to-swallow, creativity-coated selling pills. If we think of culture as our creative palette, I’d put last year's The Lego Movie up there. Spending $60 million in production to make $500 million at the box office (when Chevy spends $4 billion in global marketing) is an amazing achievement. I think more brands should think about putting their brand out there in more long-form ways to clearly demonstrate their purpose by doing and creating, not advertising it by saying and selling.

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